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This historic sports car was the very first Z06 Stingray ever produced. The first-ever Z06, dressed as it was when Dave raced it inwas a hit at this 2-day event.

Sherry MacDonald with legendary racer and good friend Bob Bondurant. Bondurant's original '63 Stingray is there too. Sherry and Rich with Stingray owner Bruce Jacobs. Sherry MacDonald and Zora Duntov get together and reminisce about the good ole days. Zora told Sherry" Dave best Corvette driver". Sherry with Bob Bondurant. Dave's daughter Vicki with Bob Bondurant. Dick Guldstrand is to the left.

Dave's daughter Vicki talks with 's Corvette legend and good friend Joe Freitas. Rich and Kirra pose with legendary Corvette racer Paul Reinhart. Paul's Stingray was one of the first six Z06 Stingray's ever made. Sherry and Vicki in a photo with Paul. Sherry MacDonald and Dick Guldstrand had a great time talking about the glory years of racing! Racing greats gather for one last photo at this amazing event in Anaheim California. The fun didn't end there as later that evening dinner an awards ceremony was held at the Grand Hotel in Anaheim.

Jim Gessner is moderator for the evening's festivities. You gotta love that Bruce Jacobs vintage races this historical Vette! Here he is '92 running hard at Sears Point.Brent our sales man was very pleasant and helpful.

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12-23-12 Z06 Dave 07 Supercharged Corvette Cruise

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Evolution of the Z06 Corvette

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The new bhp Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is a classic case of giving the customer what they want. As well as being the most powerful model in the iconic American sports car's long history, it is also a direct reflection of existing Z06 customers' demands for more variations, according to Corvette chief engineer Tadge Juechter.

In addition to the Z06 hard-top, with its removable roof panel, there is now a convertible version. Both hard-top and soft-top can also be fitted with either a manual an automatic transmission, a first for the Z Save for the pushrods and the dry-sump lubrication, this supercharged 6. It starts in similar form to the standard Stingray LT1 V8, with an aluminium block and cylinder heads, but adds forged connecting rods and pistons, and those pistons are re-engineered for this engine's compression ratio.

Direct injection, variable valve timing and cylinder deactivation are part of the package, and the engine's pushrod design allows for the intercooled supercharger to be placed in the valley between the cylinder heads. While the previous-generation Corvette ZR1 was also superchargedthis new Z06's supercharger is entirely new.

It spins faster 20,rpm, compared with 15,rpm in the ZR1 and has smaller screws and improved airflow management. Transmission options are the familiar seven-speed manual, with a Zspecific lightweight clutch and flywheel assembly, or an all-new eight-speed automatic. Some may say the only type of automated transmission suited to performance cars is a dual-clutch unit, but Chevrolet has raised the bar for the torque converter transmission. With full-throttle shifts a tick quicker than a Porsche 's PDK 0.

An auto-equipped Z06 is ultimately quicker around a given circuitbut the manual is decidedly more satisfying to drive. The gates are defined so that on-track misshifts are only for those with the least deft hands, and the heft of the shifter complements the rest of the controls. One oddity in the manual car is the leftover shift paddles on the steering wheel. Perhaps intended for the automatic car and only retained to reduce tooling costs, their function with the manual is to engage the active rev-matching system, which is meant to save drivers from the footwork required for smooth heel-and-toe downshifts.

An electronically controlled limited-slip differential is standard on the Z06and its hydraulically adjustable clutch splits power, from full open to fully engaged, in fractions of a second based on an algorithm using a range of inputs from systems throughout the car. Further, the e-diff is tied into the other systems in the Z06 and varies its action based on the wide range of drive mode permutations. Under braking, for example, the differential is fully open, making the Corvette exceptionally stable while decelerating.

Brakes on the standard Z06 use two-piece rotors on both axles with six-piston front and four-piston aluminum calipers rear, while the optional Z07 package fits a carbon-ceramic system with massive rotors, incidentally shaving Both systems are supplied by Brembo and are remarkably effective at deleting speed, particularly on track and especially on the technical and braking-biased Spring Mountain circuit in Nevada. Available to the driver is a range of drive modes - perhaps one or two too many for a supercar like this Z From the dial on the console, the driver may select settings for Weather, Eco, Tour, Sport and Track and then further drill down into Track mode for a subset of settings from wet to minimal driver assist.

Beyond the thrill of a video recording of your laps, it also captures a basic set of data channels for off-track analysis. The chassis is 20 percent more rigid than the previous hard-top version of the Z06 — with the carbonfibre roof panel removed. With the roof panel in place, Chevrolet says the chassis is 60 percent stiffer than the previous model. The aluminium frame is so robust that both the roadgoing Z06 and the C7.

R Le Mans racer use the same basic componentwhich is produced in house in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Corvette Chassis: Dave Hill’s Superior Evolutionary C6

The front wings have been widened by 56mm and the rears by a massive 80mm, giving this Corvette a total width of nearly two metres. The Z07 Performance package includes the aforementioned four-wheel Brembo carbon-ceramic brake package, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 runflat tyres, magnetic adaptive suspension and obvious additional front and rear aero bits, including a clear adjustable rear spoiler.The Chevy Corvette has always been synonymous with affordable high-performance.

dave z06

Since its earliest iterations, the Z06 Corvette has pushed the envelope of speed and handlingoffering drivers the opportunity to purchase a car that was equally capable on the race track or the open road. They knew that many Corvette owners were purchasing their cars to be driven exclusively on the race track. You may not know this, but the first Z06 Corvettes were actually introduced at the launch of the C2 Corvette in Corvette had already proven itself to be a performance-driven machine.

While early Corvettes were considered slow and sloppy, the evolution of the C1 Corvette was such that, by the model, it was anything but. Still, recognizing the gap in performance, Zora Arkus-Duntov developed a competition package that could be purchased by consumers when ordering their Corvettes. The package, which was tagged as regular production option RPO Z06, added stiffer suspension, a more robust braking system and a larger gas tank to increase drive distances between pit stops. Because of the AMA ban on factory backed racing programs, Duntov and Chevrolet had to be cautious about marketing an option that would make a production Corvette race-track ready.

The solution was to incorporate an option that provided consumers with better handling and stopping ability that, when ordered in conjunction with other selectable upgrades, made their Corvette a formidable competitor.

Only then could the Z06 option be added to the car. Given the sizable cost of the add, few Corvettes were ordered with the Z06 option. While estimates vary, most agree that approximately Z06 Corvettes were manufactured between and However, for those that did purchase the Z06 option, the upgraded Corvette proved to be a solid contender on the racetrack, holding its own against competitors like the Shelby Cobra in SCCA race events.

Interestingly, the Z06 moniker — which had garnered a quick reputation amongst Corvette enthusiasts as the top-of-the-line track version of the car — disappeared after its brief production run, and would not surface again for nearly thirty years. Based on the Fixed Roof Coupe that had been introduced by Chevrolet inthe Corvette Z06 was built to rival the horsepower and performance that had previously been boasted by the fourth-generation ZR1 Corvette from — Hill felt that the current C5 coupe and convertible platforms lacked the performance that consumers increasingly demanded from the Corvette.

He recognized that not all Corvette owners cared about the comforts and convenience features offered in a weekend cruiser and instead wanted a car that was capable of being the strongest — and fastest — vehicle on the streets. To further honor the famed engineer, Chevrolet engineers developed a new powerplant for the fifth-generation Z06 model. The new LS6 engine produced an impressive horsepower and lb.

It was mated to a new six-speed manual transmission gearbox that included more aggressive gearing than that found on the base model Corvettes. The car boasted an impressive power-to-weight ratio of 9. As with the earlier Z06, the fifth-generation variant included upgrades to the suspension and braking systems.The Chevrolet Corvette is a world-class performance machine that successfully blends excellent build quality and ergonomics with sexy styling and tremendous value for the dollar.

Debuting in at the General Motors Motorama in New York City, the Chevrolet Corvette has become one of the longest-running automotive nameplates in history. Although the beautifully styled original '53 was hardly a sports car with its modest six-cylinder engine and two-speed automatic, subsequent models slowly refined the Chevy Corvette into America's premier sports car.

The model featured revised bodywork and much improved handling thanks to legendary engineer Zora Arkus-Duntov, but it wasn't until the "Sting Ray" Corvette that it attained true sports car status. The s weren't particularly kind to the Chevy Corvette because of tougher emissions requirements and fuel economy concerns.

dave z06

Improvement finally arrived in With its sleek, modern design and a fully removable targa top, the C4 Corvette fourth generation was a well-rounded performer, despite some initial problems with its "Cross-Fire" fuel injection system and bone-jarring suspension.

A convertible version debuted in '86, while an ultrahigh-performance ZR-1 bowed in With horsepower, the ZR-1 was one of the fastest cars in the world at the time. InChevrolet introduced the fifth-generation Corvette coupe to rave reviews. Stylistically, the C5 wasn't radical, but when it came to performance and refinement, there was no comparison. The standard LS-1 engine in '97 produced hp and pound-feet of torque. A one-piece, hydroformed frame made it stiffer and more capable in the corners than any Corvette before it, and it even had a sizable luggage area beneath the rear hatch.

A convertible model debuted a year later, followed by a non-targa roofed hardtop a year after that. Even bigger news came in when the high-performance Z06 model was reborn the name originates from an option package on second-generation Corvettes for enthusiasts willing to sacrifice a little ride quality for all-out performance.

The Chevrolet Corvette was redesigned once again for and thus designated the C6. Underhood lies a hp LS-2 V8 mated to a standard six-speed manual tranny. The C6 has exposed headlamps -- a design feature not seen on a Vette since Three suspension levels are available, including a setup with Magnetic Ride Control and a Z51 package with upgraded brakes, suspension components and transmission gearing.

Ride and handling are exceptional, regardless of which suspension package you choose. A convertible model is also available, and can be equipped with a slick power top. The legendary Z06 returns forboasting a 7. A myriad of performance-minded revisions grace the suspension and braking systems, and even the exterior styling gets a few tweaks. Whichever model you choose, the Chevrolet Corvette is a thrilling performance machine that offers levels of refinement and value right up there with the very best in its class.

The composite-bodied Chevy Corvette comes in two forms: coupe technically a hatchback and convertible.

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The coupe features a removable roof panel for open-air cruising, though true wind-in-the-hair types will want to opt for the soft-top convertible. The coupe and convertible come well equipped with items such as xenon headlamps, leather seating and a removable roof panel.

Corvette Parts Categories

Coupes can be equipped with a transparent roof panel, or both the standard solid panel and the transparent panel. A versatile head-up display is available, along with driver-seat memory, a seven-speaker Bose audio system and automatic climate control. The Z06 maintains most of the regular Corvette coupe's features but gains a lightweight aluminum frame, wider wheels and tires, a more stiffly tuned suspension, better brakes and special seats.

Base coupe and convertible Corvettes come with a 6. The Z06 boasts a stunning hp and lb-ft from its 7. A six-speed manual gearbox is standard across the board, while a new six-speed automatic is a no-charge option for the base coupe and convertible. To help rein in the power on slippery surfaces, traction and stability control Active Handling System are standard equipment. Four-wheel ventilated, antilock disc brakes are standard.

Side-impact airbags are optional, but head curtain airbags are not available. The Vette features an Active Handling System AHS that can sense a loss of control and apply individual brakes or cut power to help maintain stability.

This system has been well programmed to provide noninvasive assistance, and a performance driving mode gives the driver even more control at the track -- while maintaining a safety net.

Endless power from either snarling V8 combined with a tight suspension results in a sports car that never ceases to put a smile on your face.Corvette fans have been frustrated for years with Chevrolet's evolutionary Corvettes. The "pie-in-the-sky" mid-engine Corvette has been around since the s and anything less was evolutionary. The pending C8 aside, the C5 was the most revolutionary Corvette; because of the hydroformed steel perimeter frame, center backbone, all-aluminum LS1 fuel-injected engine and transaxle.

The C5 was the most solid Corvette ever offered and allowed engineers to vastly improve the basic suspension, the Z51 and the Z The racing C5-R won its class at Daytona in and ; won its class at Sebring inandand won its class at Le Mans inand This never would have happened without the superior, basic C5 chassis.

Dave Hill's team got the C5's chassis design so right that by they determined that a C6 needed to be started.

dave z06

Whereas the C5 structure was revolutionary, the C6 was evolutionary. While the C6 chassis is different from the C5, it is essentially the same hydroformed steel perimeter frame with a center backbone, with the engine, torque tube and transaxle all as stress members of the overall structure.

Let's start with the basic C6 chassis. The chassis has a 1. To achieve this, engineers shortened the framerails 2. The shorter frame with less overhang on the body achieved a total of 5. The shorter frame also increased the torsional stiffness.

And to reduce squeaks, rattles and vibrations, high-strength steel braces were added to the frame to improve structural rigidity. Weight savings were picked up by using extruded aluminum beams in the interior instead of the cast-aluminum beams from the C5. The instrument panel has additional brackets for the beam under the dashboard. Side-impact beams were made of aluminum and saved 4. Aluminum braces were used throughout the structure to improve crash performance. The skid-bar in front of the radiator is also aluminum.

An aluminum panel that saved 1 pound and increased stiffness replaced the steel driveline panel under the driveline torque tube.

To increase upper rigidity, the windshield frame has extra gussets. And the trunk uses lightweight plastic braces. Corvette systems engineer Ed Moss said, "We are making it the C6 smaller, lighter but stiffer. The issue of stiffness in high-powered sports cars with wide tires cannot be under-estimated. Increased grip, torque and horsepower will put tremendous added stress to a performance car's structure. Imagine what would happen if an LT5 engine and big tires were applied to a stock C1 chassis.

The C5 '00 Corvette hardtop, with its bolted and bonded hardtop increased the overall structural stiffness by 12 percent, enough to make it an excellent base to build the Z06 upon. The basic C6 platform offered a significant improvement in stiffness that made it an excellent platform to build the Grand Sport that used Z06 suspension parts and wide tires. Without any increase in power, the Grand Sport was a better Corvette. Stiffness matters.

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